Novelties Mama Bizcocho

New range of traditional pastry products. Muffins and specialities with a lot of tradition and artisanal know-how. Made with traditional recipes, homemade and following the family tradition.

Specialists in Sponge Cakes

We present three products:
Sugar sponge cake, very spongy and covered with a layer of sugar, a must have for your assortment.
Pumpkin sponge cake, made with pumpkin jam and sliced almonds, sugar and a touch of cinnamon on the surface.
Triple Chocolate Sponge Cake, the dough is made with cocoa and its flavor is reinforced with chocolate chips, and chocolate squares on the surface.


These muffins are made with sponge cake dough, which result in tender and tasty products.
We present two varieties, ideal for dipping in milk.
Nuts Muffin, covered with nuts and sugar, adds a crunchy texture to the dough. It will surprise you with its vanilla flavour and a touch of honey.
Triple Chocolate Muffin, cocoa dough, covered with chocolate squares and dark chocolate chips, an irresistible bite.

Traditional Madaleines

Tender and mild in taste, with a sugar crust on the surface.

Sweet Specialties

We introduce two new regional products, sweet potato pie and the sugar bun.
The Sweet Potato Pie is a crunchy pastry, filled with sweet potato jam with a slight aroma of aniseed.
The Sugar Bun, made of rested, airy, white dough with a golden crust, the surface is bathed with whipped egg white and we finish by sprinkling sugar on top.

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