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Finish and Decoration



Before and/or after the baking process, the proffesional can contribute with his/her personal touch to decoration, in order to increase sales in the point of sales:

  • It increases product attractiveness.
  • It helps impluse buy.
  • It makes easier to differentiate products, sweet from savoury, etc.
  • Imaginative and original decoration improves point of sales image and personality.
  • It increases consumer loyalty.

The most used decoration products are:

Egg: many products are painted with egg prior to their cooking so that they reach an attractive gold colour during baking.
Jelly: it is applied after baking to provide the product with a brighter and more desirable appearance. It also helps toppings to stay fixed to the piece.
Sweet toppings: black or white chocolate noodles, glazed sugar, grated coconut, chocolate coverage, candied fruit, crocanti, etc…
Savoury toppings: Almonds, pine-nuts, oregano, sesame, grated cheese, sliced mushrooms, poppy seeds, etc…