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Building Future

Frozen dough have revolutionised the ready-made bread & pastry sales. The reason is that products are much easier to prepare and finish, and also wastage is reduced by the end of the day. It’s a very dynamic sector with important and growing opportunities for the future.

Our commitment with customers will remain the same: not to loose neither our identity nor our common sense in order to continue in the correct direction. Our objective is to develop a project of future growth and leadership, which specifically means to add value and differentiate ourselves in all the processes and business initiatives that we undertake. For this reason, we will carry on planning new goals, investing in infrastructure, in I+D and giving strong support to the people, so that you keep believing in us.

All our clients, from the first one to the last one, from the biggest one to the smallest one, are important for us, for PANAMAR. It’s your trust which makes us improve day-by-day.